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My Body is Contemptible
    (originally published in 'What Was That?') Classic bike racing.

The Toerag Situationists
    (originally published in 'What Was That?') A little-known North-Eastern art movement.

    (originally published in 'Stranded in Sub-Atomica') A lurve poem.

Same but Different
    (originally published in 'Stranded in Sub-Atomica') A regional variation in approach.

    (originally published in 'Work') The indignity of contract labour.

The touring Shakespeare company's visit is eagerly awaited in Grozny in 1953
    (originally published in 'Work' A little learning is a dangerous thing.

    (originally published in 'Caligula on Ice and other poems') Low boredom threshold.

    (originally published in 'Caligula on Ice and other poems') Nasty little brute.

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Forward Foundation
Ode on a Grayson Perry Urn (from the Forward anthology Poems of the Decade)

Morning Star
All Power Does What?

Die Zeit
New Romantic (translated bu Ulf Stolterfoht)

The Barcelona Review 22
Trouble Taking Off -- Australians -- Stranded in Sub-Atomica -- Genius -- Not a Committed Artist -- It Lives! -- Tim Turnbull's Cunning Plan

The Barcelona Review 11
Raw Horse (+ Real Audio) -- Popular Culture (+ Real Audio) -- "With the Breakdown of Faith in the Established Churches ..." -- Tim Turnbull's Poetry Quiz