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 Tim Turnbull


Some examples of Tim's work. 

Ode on a Grayson Perry Urn

from Caligula on Ice and Other Poems Donut Press (2009)

Pottery, poetry and other fine arts.

Death and Art

from Avanti! Red Squirrel Press (2018)

A cheery little number about the futility of it all in honor of them that went before.


from Avanti! Red Squirrel Press (2018)

Paganism will find a way. Especially on a Saturday night.

The Two Boidies

from Avanti! Red Squirrel Press (2018)

A film noirish, Chandlerized reworking of the border ballad, The Twa Corbies.

Poems on the Web:

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Amphetamine Music

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