In audio, visual and audio-visual.

Ode on a Grayson Perry Urn

from Caligula on Ice and Other Poems Donut Press (2009)

Pottery, poetry and other fine arts.

Death and Art

from Avanti! Red Squirrel Press (2018)

And it all comes to this.

Cultural Revolution, The

from Avanti! Red Squirrel Press (2018)

Cultural Revolution, The Poster

And here’s a lovely free pdf of Cultural Revolution, The for your office wall!


from Avanti! Red Squirrel Press (2018)

Getting down with a paganist groove.

Poems on the Web: 

Morning Star

Amphetamine Music

All Power Does What?

Die Zeit

New Romantic (translated by Ulf Stolterfoht)

The Barcelona Review 22
Trouble Taking Off — Australians — Stranded in Sub-Atomica — Genius — Not a Committed Artist — It Lives! — Tim Turnbull’s Cunning Plan

The Barcelona Review 11

Raw Horse — Popular Culture — “With the Breakdown of Faith in the Established Churches …” — Tim Turnbull’s Poetry Quiz

Some Early Music:

The Dog Conspiracy – Family

Demo from early nineties

The Live Lobsters – Temper Temper

Demo recorded sometime in the eighties.