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Avanti! is now available from Red Squirrel Press

After a frustrating six months, in which difficulties both technical and human have stymied efforts to make Avanti! available on the internet, Red Squirrel Press now has a brand spanking new website. It's really easy to use and looks gorge. To celebrate we're giving away this charming watercolour by the author of the little creatures who live in his brain. The winner will be selected at random from those buying Avanti! from the webstore before December 20th 2018.  

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"Look what I've got," hollers Richard Rabbit. "And I got it off the tinternet!!"

"Not Turnbull's book," replies Teddy the Kitten. "God preserve us."

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From Postbox Press ...

This collection consists of ten super-realist weird tales in which terrible encounters play out in settings ranging from rural North Yorkshire and its moors to the backstreets of North London; from 16th century France to a near-future New York.

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From Red Squirrel Press ... 

While there is the familiar uproarious humour, a startling shift in expressive mode in this collection shows a deeper engagement with place and lanscape, domestic intimacy and tenderness, and finally arrives at a sense of renewal.

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